Choosing the ring

It can be difficult to choose the perfect ring for the perfect person – so we’ve put together our thoughts to help you on your way

Wedding Ring

With a vast amount of designs, shapes, sizes and colours to choose from you should take your time when deciding what works for you both.  The designers and jewellers working with Fairtrade gold will be able to help you, and you can also be sure that gold carrying the Fairtrade stamp is fully traceable and produced responsibly.

Engagement Ring


If it’s a surprise proposal, download a ring guide sizer. These won’t be 100% accurate but they will give you a guide to the size you need.

If you’re choosing the ring together then you can go into any jewellery shop and they will be able to measure it up for you.


What colour jewellery does your partner wear? You’ll need to consider this to make sure it suits their everyday wear and then think about having your wedding ring made in the same Fairtrade quality to match.


Ranging from Open to a modern design there are many settings styles to choose from. The helpful staff at any store will be able to show you each setting to make sure you get the right one for your ring.

The Cut

For the main stone in the ring there are two main diamond cuts – Brilliant or Princess. Brilliant cut is round, with slightly more sparkle than a Princess, whereas the Princess is a more modern square cut. There are more cuts available, which you can always ask about when you visit visit of the jewellers working with Fairtrade Gold.


Traditionally, a solitaire diamond would be the focus of an engagement ring. If you want something a little more unique why not choose a different stone entirely? A ruby, emerald or sapphire all make for elegant and distinctive pieces.


From traditional to Art Deco to something more contemporary, there are so many different styles. Consider the type of jewellery your partner currently wears to get some ideas. Remember if you can’t see anything that suits, you could always design it yourself and have a bespoke Fairtrade ring made.


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