Martin and Kate

We started looking for engagement and wedding rings online and in shopfronts, mainly to get inspiration. We didn’t know a huge amount about Fairtrade gold or platinum beforehand. We wanted something a little bit different and wandered around Hatton Garden but found it a bit uninspiring and were overwhelmed by the amount of very similar looking rings.

During our searches, we came across the idea of Fairtrade and Fairmined rings and swiftly learnt the majority of jewellers cannot trace which mines the metal or stones in their rings come from and so do not know about the manner in which they have been mined.

It’s the social and environmental consequences of mining we are concerned about, so partly trying to ensure the people who work in the mines are able to have a better quality of job and life and partly that the mining process does not pollute the surrounding environment.

I initially wondered whether one person buying one ring could really make a difference but if everyone thought that way, nothing would ever change.  I believe buying a Fairtrade ring can make a difference and, as consumers, that is our contribution.

Now I know more about it, I would definitely buy Fairtrade and Fairmined jewellery in the future. I feel much better knowing we have rings that have caused less harm to the environment and are helping to achieve a better standard of mining.

Going through the whole process to buy the Fairtrade rings has made our rings feel more special.