Kym and Breanna

Kym and Breanna were married in New Zealand in a winery on the South Island. Around 35 of their friends and family attended the wedding which had a local theme with locally sourced flowers and wine. They both work in International Development and have travelled all over the world.

We try and choose Fairtrade in everything we do. Through our work, we’ve met people producing goods like coffee and cocoa and we know how hard it is for them to make ends meet.

We’ve seen first-hand the difference Fairtrade pricing can make to their lives, for example by helping them send their children to school. Fairtrade has to be driven by consumer demand. If consumers can put the pressure on then they can change things, that’s the way businesses work.

We knew we wanted Fairtrade gold for our wedding rings. The rings are symbols of starting our married life together and it was really important to us they were ethically sourced. We both had very different engagement rings and wanted wedding rings that matched so we decided to have them custom made.

We chose our designer because she uses Fairtrade materials and is locally based. Both the wedding rings were original designs and the designer handmade them using Fairtrade white gold from a small community-owned mine in Peru.

Getting Fairtrade engagement and wedding rings was definitely worth it. We didn’t pay more than if we’d bought mass-produced rings and the money went directly to a local business and the community producing the gold so it was absolutely worth doing!